O.J. Simpson's Private Goodbye, a Buried Knife and More Secrets

Mar 15, 2016 Insiders tell E! News the true story of the 1998 demolition?and the likelihood of O.J. Simpson every week, the Brentwood estate that once belong to O.J. In a city that hosts such attractions as The Tragical History Tour, 
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New Owner Demolishes O.j. Simpson Mansion - tribunedigital

Jul 30, 1998 The mansion where O.J. Simpson lived when his ex-wife was slain two Simpson said he was notified the demolition was scheduled, but he 
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Former Simpson Home Razed by New Owners - latimes

Jul 30, 1998 A new house will be built on the site. double murder--O.J. Simpson's former Brentwood estate--went down in a heap of rubble and dust.
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Knife find 'a joke' says man who demolished O.J. Simpson former

Mar 4, 2016 Knife find is 'a joke,' says the man who demolished O.J. Simpson's former home He's definitely a figure in history -- not a good one,” said Weber, owner of who helped raze Simpson's Brentwood mansion, authorities said.
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CNN - Simpson: 'No feeling' about demolition of Rockingham estate

Jul 29, 1998 LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- O.J. Simpson says he has "no feeling" about Wednesday's demolition of his former home in Los Angeles, the infamous 
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875 S Bundy - 360 N Rockingham: Dashcam view. OJ simpson

Jul 9, 2013 OJ simpson, Nicole Brown Simpon, Ronald Goldman and N Rockingham was demolished with a new house built on the same spot) I have 
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Nicole Brown Simpson's Gretna Green House | IAMNOTASTALKER

Jun 22, 2016 O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and the many stalkings. fate of being forever entwined with one of the most famous murder cases in history. of was OJ's home in Brentwood, since torn down for another McMansion.
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Fascinating Facts and Secrets About The People v. O.J. Simpson

Feb 2, 2016 O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story has been at an all-time. One of the greatest performances in cinema history is him playing a football. Mansion on Rockingham: O.J. Simpson's estate in Brentwood was torn down in the 
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Come Along on the Unofficial OJ Simpson Tour, Led By a

Feb 2, 2016 So began the OJ Simpson tour—a macabre and homegrown operation in The Gretna Green condo is in a two-story building built in the breezy. old Rockingham house property, Papagan recalled the 1998 demolition of 
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Marcia Clark Responds to Knife Found at OJ Simpson's House

Mar 4, 2016 Former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark says the discovery of a buried knife found at Simpson's estate is a "remarkable development" in 
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Where the Stars Died (the 1990's) - Seeing Stars

The hottest story of the 90's was the O.J. Simpson murder case. $5 million Tudor mansion of O.J. Simpson, where he and Nicole were married, 11663 Gorham Avenue, Brentwood: the apartment building where victim Ronald Goldman lived.. Notorious B.I.G. (aka Christopher Wallace) was gunned down and killed by a 
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Nicole Brown Simpson: Murder Home Swarmed by Looky-Loos After

Feb 8, 2016 They completely redid the front of this place, but they tore down Oj's house! I wouldn't want to BTW, it was a very short drive from there to OJ's house. The only way they "learn" some history - is if there's a movie about it.
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Having driven by Simpson's estate myself (360 N. Rockingham Ave. in the Brentwood. $4 million dollars for it, had it demolished, and built a new house in its place. briefly when the civil trial victors tried to confiscate it as part of OJ's estate.
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